How do you play games between husband and wife?


Play games between husband and wife, how to play games? The name of this game is called foreplay. The following sex games are offered, which hope to bring more color and fun to your sex! These are simple and fun, but remind you: the content of the game All have to be sympathetic, not to be reluctant, but also to pay attention to safety, not to “sweep”! 1, passionate photo one of you two of them first play the photographer, the other as a model. The latter must be left at the mercy of the former, and then make the posture of the various sluts designated by the other party, and easily show your own sexual charm under the spotlight. You can shoot with just the camera, but it’s better to use a D8 or V8. If you take turns, it will make each other more able to catch each other. Open your camera bravely, record your love process, and secretly play an AV male or female actress! All the lustful physical movements and enjoyment of the picture can be seen, many times beautiful Memories are recorded! But if you are afraid of something anecdote, just wash it off after reading it! 2, play the wind blowing each other for a period of time, during this period as long as the other party “blowing” something, you have to do what. This is a curious pattern that is expected and feared of being hurt. 3, undress all the show to dim the lights in your home, wear your most sexy clothes in the shackles, and then play the wonderful music that is fascinating and heart-wrenching, and start a primitive for your partner. Private strip show. 4, blindfold try to take a towel or handkerchief to cover your partner’s eyes, and then feed him to taste a variety of different foods, every bite just to see if the other person identified what food he is eating. This method is famous from the movie “Love You for Nine and a Half Weeks”, the male and female protagonists Mickey-Rock and Kim-Bessinger play this “funny guess” game. 5, love to try to guess or blind the other’s eyes, and then use any size items in the home can be found to caress the sensitive nude of the partner to see how many pieces he can guess. 6, strange sex companion one of them first went to the bar alone, and then pretend to know each other and talk, like uncovering a beautiful first-time acquaintance. You can try out which opening seduce is useful for seduce him or her, what is not attractive enough, and then enjoy the unexpected feedback from your partner. 7, the exchange of sex is very simple, that is, a man pretends to be a woman, a woman also pretends to be a man, you can play her / he as you like, and wait until you have enough to play the role play back. 8. During the variety time, two people are looking for small pieces of paper, one by one to write about the sexual behavior you once secretly craved or curious, and then collected in a hat or bowl. Then just take a random one and discuss the above topics. If both of them agree, try this. This method is awesome for sharing the desires of each other. If a couple loves to love different ways of sex, they will give the other person a different feeling. The intimate feeling will become more complete! If you want to become a loving couple who will play games, the above introduction will help you. You become a foreplay master of sex, and it will be good to try it out.

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