What are the differences in performance between men and women?


Men and women have the same sensory system, but there are obvious differences in sex in sex. Experts tell you what is different. Intimate touch makes women very satisfied that many women think that their sexual partners are intimately cuddle, kiss, touch, and indulge in the warmth, smell, sound and strength of the other body, which is more important than vaginal sexual intercourse. But for most men, these are not enough. This is just one of the most important factors in their love of sex. Men enjoy the process of making love more. Most men like the process of making love very much, because it makes them feel wet, warm, safe and even unable to extricate themselves, but also feel loved and accepted. Of course, this is also the moment when men completely release themselves and express their feelings. The initiative in sex is also a way for men to give love.

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