Secret! The reason why men like lovers


Men are naturally lascivious and have a strong desire to conquer women. A married man has a numbness to a woman who faces every day, just like the left hand touches the right hand, but it also feels pain on the day of loss. This is the state of life after marriage. They have a lot of complaints about their wives, and they are always embarrassed to abandon each other, and the warm feelings will be gradually eroded by these trivialities. Some little girls like to find a man who is a big seven or eight years old, not only because such a man will take care of women, understand women’s hearts, but also because they have a certain economic foundation, this is the most critical . A small woman is always human, giving a pity, and the actual bones are for you. A woman who wants to be a lover of others is only interested in true love or worship or purpose, and less in true love. It is normal for a man to feel tired of his wife’s aesthetics, because the original love is buried in the heart, without impulse. Not to the point of numbness, but also to the period of ordinary temperature. After all, lovers do not have the opportunity to get along with themselves, which brings more stimulation and freshness to men. Xiao Bian recommended: With virgin sex, you must be gentle to let women orgasm the most effective techniques. The reason why people can control men’s hearts is because they always show a pair of inhuman fireworks in front of men, in men When there is a contradiction with the wife, the lover realizes that the man’s mood is not good, and he will give comfort. This will make the man think that the lover is more intimate than the wife. I don’t know if it is a lover’s two-year life after marriage, it will also be produced and incumbent. A boring life like a wife. Everyone knows that if a woman is true to love, she will not allow another woman to exist. Lovers’ indulgence of men actually hides this kind of unknown Raiders. Their purpose is to get the man’s heart. If you really marry this man, you will see her performance again. After all, the lover is not the same as his wife. The lover does not meet with him every day, so he gives the man a feeling of emotional embarrassment. The more the man feels mysterious, the more he wants to find out. Lovers will take the distance between each other very well, so that men feel that there is always a desire to be close. The lover always gives a feeling of embarrassment, so the man feels mysterious and thus has an idea to explore. The lover’s feelings about emotions are detached, and the man is fascinated. Wives always express their feelings and deficiencies directly, and have not considered so many technical problems. The lover will look at the color, not to look at the seemingly pitiful and simple appearance, the psychological abacus is clearer than anyone else. This will make men think that lovers are much better than their wives, in fact, after marriage. The appearance is the same, not even as good as the incumbent. Guess what you like: men and women different thinking logic woman born strange quirks sexual intercourse pose love sex novels one night love sex more content please pay attention to Feihua health sex channel: Copyright: This article belongs to the copyright Feihua Health Network, without permission, any natural person or legal person may not reprint or copy all or part of it in any form. If you want to reprint, you must indicate it from Feihua Health Net!

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