4 reasons why Chinese women love old men


When Yang Zhenning was 82 years old, he married a 28-year-old woman. The singer’s dream pigeon was married to Li Shuangjiang, who is more than ten years old. The Chinese woman prefers the old man, and there is no reason. The old man is mostly financially strong and the young woman marries. Not only does it have no economic burden, but material life is more abundant. Coupled with the social experience of older men, it shows the way forward. It shows that the old man is like a father who pampers women. 1. Childhood lack of fatherly love When a woman is born, in the subconscious, she longs for a man who loves herself like a father. If a woman loses this kind of fatherly love for various reasons in her childhood, it is very likely that she will find another half in the future. Look for the father’s criteria. So many girls will feel that the old man has a sense of security. Rather than finding love, it is better to find a partner with inner regrets. But in essence they are different. Xiao Bian recommended: Youlong phoenix phoenix phoenix shallow bottom to make women orgasm the most effective technique 2, old man sexual experience rich young boys may be weak in sexual experience, but the old man is different, they know how to please in the intercourse Women, who know how to get women to orgasm, for women, such a man, do not have to tell her what kind of sex they like, they will know, and will actively use the supreme ultra-thin condom in the intercourse. To protect women, such men, women, of course, love more. 3, more economical than young men, women love money is like men love beauty is the same reason, old men after years of social hard work, have a certain economic foundation, young girls and such men together, do not Economic things are embarrassing, and this is also more attractive to women. 4, more understand the love of women, old men in the face of a woman who is much smaller than their own, will have a compassionate heart, the love of women is also doubled, they always think that the other party does not know how to take care of themselves, for example, the weather is cold Old man will remind you to add clothes, you are sick, he is worried that you forgot to take medicine. In the face of such a man, which woman is resisting? Guess what you like: Fish than Dongguan ISO woman born strange quirks emotional story couples emotional fun help sexual intercourse orgasm more content, please pay attention to Feihua Health Gender Channel: Copyright: This article The copyright belongs to Feihua Health Net. Any natural person or legal person may not reprint or copy all or part of it in any form without permission. If you want to reprint, you must indicate it from Feihua Health Net!

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