Put a woman into the hands of 6 kinds of exclusive artifacts


It is said that a man can do his best, and he can understand that he knows the mood. In order to be able to bring women into their hands, they will use all sorts of methods. However, the most common methods they use are just a few methods. Although they will create a lot of tricks, they are similar and fundamentally the same. So, in order to avoid the fainting of being hit, let’s first understand the manicure artifact that men use. Romantic women like romance, which is well known to everyone. Men also grasp the psychological characteristics of women, and they play romantically when they pick up girls. What men like most is to play romance, and it is the romance of the two worlds. Every time a girlfriend’s birthday, a man will definitely make a big surprise! For example, on a romantic beach, use a candle to create a heart-shaped pattern for your girlfriend. Looking at the beautiful patterns, in a romantic atmosphere, there is another woman who will not be happy. Xiao Bian recommended: The most fascinating 10 people who are fascinated by men are not afraid of the “bad girl”. Although the food has been said, women have been squatting to lose weight, but they have a special preference for food. “When you want to catch a person’s heart, you must first grasp the stomach of TA.” This sentence is often used to warn women. In fact, men should also be alert. Now many men are relying on that good cooking skills to sweep the love field. Zhu Xiaotian said on a program: “Just do the cooking look for the girl, then I want to know what to do. I will deliberately let the girl see me cut the onion tears, the girl It will be very moving.” Poetry is now an era full of electronics. Poetry has been somewhat far from people’s lives. Even with poetry, it is also the metamorphosis of Nyima’s pear body, “One person came to Tennessee” and “a good milk”. After the sentence is finished, adding a few carriage returns is a quatrain. The man is a poem in front of a woman, not only feeling that he is humorous but also romantic. If he said to you, “She suddenly found me in the morning light, she narrowed her eyes and she saw that I was beautiful.” So you still can’t be moved? Flowers, wine and flowers are a good way to win a woman’s heart, a bouquet of fragrant flowers can knock on the woman’s heart, a bottle of mellow red wine is fascinating. Swen Junxiu’s man likes to show his talent in front of women and let women be obsessed with his gentle and refined style. The wild man who loves to drink his drink in front of a woman, “I want to be a little drunk, I saw you running in my mind for a day, are you not tired?” Faced with such a bold man, woman’s The little heart has long been swallowed by him and the drink. The literary form of music and music is the most common language in the world and can convey many feelings and feelings. A beautiful piece of music can create a beautiful The atmosphere. On a romantic evening, two people played soothing music outdoors, talking and talking, and in the soft atmosphere created by the moonlight, he gently said to you, “Now I only have you and music, I hope to close the music, In this way, I only have…” In this atmosphere, very few women will destroy it? Camera women are all beautiful, and they will dress themselves up in front of their beloved ones. This is the so-called “women’s hobby.” Every woman feels that she is a beautiful woman, and she firmly believes that the best camera is the real one. Therefore, men can use the woman’s love of beauty to pursue the pursuit of victory, while taking the trouble to help women take pictures, while seemingly addicted to say “this is the most attractive smile I have ever taken, then shoot down, the soul is gone. “Can you still make a secret promise under his offensive?” In short, in order to be able to soak up the girl, it can be said that it is all-encompassing. These are still more commonly used in their pick-up artifacts. For men, picking up a girl seems to be a kind of talent, but the girl’s artifact is just a handkerchief. . If the artifact is matched with some tips on picking up girls, such as bold, careful, brave, brave, and chasing… I am afraid we have to surrender and surrender? Guess what you like: Women’s weekly sex frequency men are afraid to marry a woman more content, please pay attention to Feihua Health Network two sex channels:

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